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เสือ โจรพันธุ์เสือ
เสือ โจรพันธุ์เสือ

Year: 1998

Thai title: เสือ โจรพันธุ์เสือ
English title: Crime King

Rating: 4/5
Director: Thanit Jitnukul

Main actor: Amphol Lumpoon
Main actress:

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Thai movie เสือ โจรพันธุ์เสือ / Crime King was released in year 1998. It lasts 2h04mn. Just after World War II, many gangs were active in Thailand. One gang led by Seua Bai (เสือใบ) was robbing rich bad men to redistribute their money to poor peasants. This movie is based on a real story. This movie deals about the police chase towards Seua Bai and his gang. The former rocker turned screen star Amphol Lumpoon received a Best Actor Award for this movie. Thai Police has to catch Seua Bai (Amphol Lumpoon) and his team within 6 months. Two of his men steal villagers’ money to gamble. They have to be punished. His girlfriend Lai wishes Bai to stop being given a robber and asks for their forgiveness. Police tries to locate Seu Bai and his team. Villagers don't speak as Seua Bai supports poor people. Fighting is happening in a gambling den as his men (ลูกน้อง) misbehave. Seua Bai is a smart robber so police fails to catch him. Soldiers attack a village, where they believe Seua Bai and his men are hiding during day time. Police and soldiers know the place as two members of Seua Bai’s team disclosed the exact location against money. Seua Bai wishes to take revenge but he falls in a trap. During the fightings, Lai is killed. Seua Bai is finally captured while paying respect to Lai's funeral urn. Following the 1932 Thai revolution which transformed the government from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy, some people were unhappy to lose power. Some people wished to kill Bai as he was an Oxford erudite but they killed his wife instead. Bai had to become a thief to protect citizen against people abusing power. Seua Bai's teammates succeed to release him from prison following a daring escape. Seua Bai flees with Phi Bun to the South in Betong area. He tries to have a normal life but the family, who shelters him, faces issues with a local kingpin. Boolong, Phi Bun’s girlfriend, is killed. Revenge is needed. Police ask Seu Bai to surrender but he doesn't want to give up as all his friends are dead...

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