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2499 อันธพาล ครองเมือง
2499 อันธพาล ครองเมือง

Year: 1997

Thai title: 2499 อันธพาล ครองเมือง
English title: Dang Bireley and the Young Gangsters

Rating: 4/5
Director: Nonzee Nimitbut

Main actor: Jesdaporn Pholdee
Main actress:

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Dang Bireley and the Young Gangsters (2499 อันธพาลครองเมือง) is a Thai movie released in year 1997 and directed by Nonzee Nimitbut. Daeng is the son of prostitute and has been in violence cycles since his young age. The action takes place in decade 1950s with youth references such as Elvis Presley or James Dean. Daeng always kiss his James Dean amulet to get good luck and not a Buddhist amulet. Daeng, Pu, Dam, Lem Sing, Piek are close friends (นักเรียน / นักเลง). Daeng's mother would like her son to ordain (บวช). Daeng would like his mum to stop such job. He meets Pra, a bar singer. He refuses to do normal job and keeps trying in order to become a ruffians leader in his district but other leaders are already present so it causes clashes. Daeng gets a gun to get revenge. During an outdoor movie performance in a temple fair with an old movie featuring Sor Asanajinda, Taksin Jampol and Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit, Daeng shots rival thug. Issues then happen with Dam and Pu. Piek ends up in jail. Friendship ends with Dam and Pu. Daeng cannot choose his path but can fight it. Daeng helps his friend Moo Chiem to protect the blue moon bar in Chonburi. Moo Chiem wishes to open a casino (บอล) but he is then in competition with local headman Taek. Moo Chiem hires Pu and Dam without telling Daeng. Pu and Dam have arguments with GIs causing the casino to be closed ten days. Moo Chiem is killed by a hitman. Taek is suspected. Taek hires Pu and Dam to destroy the underground casino. Daeng and his team takes revenge over Taek but Pu and Dam succeed to escape. Daeng goes back home to fulfill his promise to ordain to his mother. Despite threats to ruin the ceremony by Pu and Dam, Daeng decides to go ahead. During the ceremony, heavy shootings happen. Daeng, Pu, Laem and Dam die. Daeng’s promise to ordain as a monk was only to please his mother. His heart was not really sincere so he ironically dies before being able to enter the Buddhist temple. Another movie in 2012 called Gangster - Antapal (อันธพาล) was released and involving same protagonists. It was not a remake but another view on the same gangster era. This movie has taken over 75 million baht at the box office in 1997, an amazing figure by local standards.

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