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ขุนพันธ์ 2
ขุนพันธ์ 2

Year: 2018

Thai title: ขุนพันธ์ 2
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Kongkiat Khomsiri

Main actor: Ananda Everingham,Suchao Pongwilai,Pao Porapak
Main actress:

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Thai movie ขุนพันธ์ 2 was released in year 2018 and lasts 2h05mn. Movie director is Kongkiat Khomsiri. The movie takes place during World War 2. Taking profit of ongoing confusion due to war, bandits (เสือ) are committing robberies all over Thailand. Police officer Khunphan (Ananda Everingham) and his men are on the way to neutralise a gang. They fall into an ambush and all of his men are shot. Local sub-district headman doesn't help Khunphan and his men. Khunphan cannot be killed by bullets as a monk made special tattoos for him. Through correct behaviour and prayers to Buddha, tattoos are effective. Seeing the sub-district headman's men keeping the money stolen by the bandits, a conflict happens and Khunphan has to shoot him. Following the death of all his men and the sub-district headman's death, Khunphan has to stop being a policeman for a while (พักราชการ). Suchao Pongwilai is head of police. Some ruffians perform a rampage in a village killing many targeted policemen. They belong to Seua Fai's group. Khunphan is checking why as the killed policemen are only small grade policemen. As Khunphan cannot help officially as he is no longer a policeman, he decides to infiltrate Seua Fai's group. Khunphan has to cut his moustache. Seua Fai is a famous ruffians' leader and his right hand is Seua Bai. Villagers protect them as they always redistribute money to them (นับถือโจร). A new police inspector (สารวัตร) Uui is nominated in Suphanburi. Phi Bai (อารักษ์ อมรศุภศิริ) steals money from Japanese train. They are captured by Japanese soldiers. Khunphan, by making himself invisible through incantations, helps Seua Bai and his men. Multiple bandits leaders (เสือ) are fighting each other as some enter politics. Khunphan follows Seua Bai and his men but they are not aware. Khunphan goes to Suphanburi and finally meets Seua Bai in a cafe owned by lady รัชวิน วงศ์วิริยะ. New police inspector Uui threatens them. Khunphan joins Seua Fai and robberies are performed. Through a special ceremony, they promise to support each other with Bai and Fai (พันเอกวันชนะ สวัสดี). Khunpan (ไอ้เสือบุตร) is part of the gang now (สายเลือดเดี่ยวกัน). Fai is shot in an ambush set up by Pao Porapak and survives. During a retaliation, a test for Khunphan is to kill policeman. He shoots him in the jaw. During an unfortunate accident, Uui gets seriously burnt and his body is disfigured. He is now wearing a mask and promises himself to get revenge towards Seua Fai and his men. Money redistribution is done towards poorer villagers. Khunphan gives the location of the camp to police head and asks him not to use strong force to catch them. Bai's girlfriend (อาภา ภาวิไล) is captured and used as bait to bring Bai and Khunphan. Khunphan has to disclose he is a policeman. Behind it is the disfigured policeman looking for revenge. Head of police is friends with Seua Fai. Seua Fai betrays Bai as he has no choice. He shoots both Bai and Khunphan. Through a Buddhist ceremony, bullets exit Bai’s body. Bai accepts to help Khunphan. Policemen were killed as they discovered a business to transform land titles. Seua Fai is killed by disfigured policeman. He uses his skin tattooed as additional protection. Bai and Khunphan now need to neutralize the disfigured policeman. It is not over as Khunphan still needs to find proofs against the corrupted head of police...

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