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Year: 1973

Thai title: เสือหยิ่งสิงห์ผยอง
English title: Spirits of Bruce Lee

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Jaising,Michael Chan Wai-Man,Man Teeraphol,Choomporn Theppitak,Paen Pleumsachai
Main actress:

Thai HK co production movie เสือหยิ่งสิงห์ผยอง / Spirits of Bruce Lee / 猛蛟閗地蛇龍女 lasts 1h34mn. Such HK movies normally last around 1h30mn (TV format) but the Thai version was often more than 2 hours. This movie is lost in Thailand but as it was a Thai HK co production, it could still be found overseas under VHS format. A Chinese jewel trader is betrayed and killed in Mae Sai area. Later on Yu (Phairoj Jaising known in Chinese as Poon Lok!) is facing local bunch of thugs. Chan (Michael Chan Wai-Man) helps Yu. Chan is looking for his lost brother involved in jade trade. Old rural life scene such as a cart with buffaloes can still be seen. Having learnt that his brother disappeared, Chan looks for him all around the small city of Mae Sai. He meets Mr Wang, owning a tea shop. Paen Pleumsachai is supporting Yu. Chan knows that his brother is now dead so he enquiries on the murderers. Choi Nan, daughter of Mr Wang, supports and helps Chan. They find Sompon, who is wearing the brother's watch. He bought it from Taimoo, who is linked to local powerful kingpin called Min Pan Tim. In his team Man Teeraphol and Choomporn Theppitak can be found. Chan kills Choomporn believing he is Min Pan Tim. Min Pan Tim injures him in the leg but Chan succeeds to flee thanks to Yu. Chan recovers thanks to Choi Nan. Ruffians burn their house but fail to find them. Knowing that Min Pan Tim has given a day off to most of his ruffians, the four friends storm his house. During the fightings, Mr Wang is killed but Min Pan Tim is defeated also. Surrounded by ruffians, Yu, head of police, helps Chan and Choi Nan on time.

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