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Year: 1973

Thai title: พรานเพชฌฆาต

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sonny Chiba,Chaiya Suriyun,Kecha Plianvithee,Pipop Pupinyo
Main actress: Chosri Misommon

Thai movie พรานเพชฌฆาต (TOKYO-SEOUL-BANGKOK - 東京-ソウル-バンコック_実録 麻薬地帯) was released in year 1973. It lasts 1h42mn. This co production movie is lost in Thailand but still available in Japan. As the movie is in Japanese language only, below summary might not be fully correct. Two cars are chasing and the lady's car is pushed in a ravine. She was Sonny Chiba's girlfriend. In the remainings of the car, a camera is found. It contains a picture of the girlfriend and another younger Korean lady. Ruffians are following Sonny and beat him seriously. He gets help from a detective. The ruffians become the ones chased but their leader succeeds to escape. The movie continues to Hong Kong where the leader does his drug trafficking. The action ends up in Thailand. Pipop Pupinyo is the right hand of the Japanese ruffian in Thailand. Chosri Misommon is playing a domestic helper. The ruffian leader's girlfriend sees Sonny in a market. Sonny meets Chaiya Suriyun but this latter dislikes Japanese people. Finally Chaiya helps Sony when he is overwhelmed by thugs sent by Pipop Pupinyo. Ruffians leader wishes to buy heroin and gets introduced to Kecha Plianvithee by Pipop. Heroin shall be available in north of Thailand. Chase is happening between Sony and the ruffians leader. Kecha through a small airplane tries to kill all of them. Chaiya is also involved in the shootings. The girlfriend is shot. The ruffians leader is killed but Kecha gets also killed. Before dying the Japanese ruffians leader gives important information about the gang location in Japan. Sony accepts to bring Chaiya to Thailand and they destroy their secret laboratory and the leader dies. The Thai poster mentions 4 countries for a budget of 14M Baht. Chaiya Suriyun is put in the centre of the poster despite not being the main actor of the movie.

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