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Year: 1972

Thai title: สิงห์สยามถล่มคาราเต้
English title: Bloody Fight

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit

Thai HK movie สิงห์สยามถล่มคาราเต้ - 拳門 - "Bloody Fight" was released in year 1972 and it lasts 1h32mn. Thai actress Pawana Chanajit, called the Asian Pearl, played in five Thai HK movies (สิงห์สยามถล่มคาราเต้ - Bloody Fight, พี่น้องตระกูลอึด - Duel of Fists, หมัดสังหาร - The King Boxers, ยอดชาย - The Roaring Lion). A Japanese boxer called Cheng Chung defies many Chinese teachers. He is organising fights up to the death. He defeats one Chinese teacher. Before dying, he sends his daughter Ching Mei to stay with his brother Chen. As the brother Chen is also a Chinese Kung Fu teacher, the Japanese fighter defies and injures him. His son Chi Chu doesn't succeed to defeat the Japanese man. Other fighters such as Tien Wa defies the Japanese fighter Cheng Chung but they are all defeated. Chen wishes to get the pride back from the Japanese men with new skills. Chen unifies the best of three Kung Fu styles. Ching Mei is reunited with her lost brother Tin Wa as her father chased him many years ago. Chen trains four fighters very hard (Ching Mei, Tin Wa, Chi Chu, Pawana). Pawana Chanajit performs a Thai dance as fighters are ready to defy Japanese boxer Cheng Chung. The two ladies, Ching Mei and Pawana, take care of the numerous small fighters while Tin Wa and Chi Chu focus on Cheng Chung. Even Thai actress Pawana Chanajit is doing very well in Kung Fu fightings! Cheng Chung is finally defeated.

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