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Year: 1972

Thai title: หมัดสังหาร
English title: The King Boxers

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Nard Poowanai
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit

Movie The King Boxers - หมัดสังหาร - 小拳王 is a Hong Kong Thai co production released in 1972. Main Thai actors present are Pawana Chanajit and Nard Poowanai. Japanese main actor is Yasuka Kurata (Japan's No 1 top actor according to VHS cover). During Surin elephant festival, an overseas Chinese visitor called Yen, interested in Karate, enjoys the festival with his Thai friend Sha (Pawana Chanajit). She shows him Thailand even if there is inaccuracy with a sudden change location from Surin to Chiang Mai (Doi Suthep). At Nakornping stadium, they meet Thai boxer Chow (Nard Poowanai). Local ruffian tries to influence the match result by offering gold but the boxer refuses. Chow wins his match. The ruffians decide to take revenge as they lost a lot of money in betting due to him. Chow defeats the small ruffians but their leader is too strong for him. Hopefully Yen, thanks to his Kung Fu skills, defeats the ruffians leader. Chow asked to be trained by Yen. They visit together famous temples such as Nakhon Pathom chedi. Yen sends a letter to his sister in Hong Kong saying he will stay longer in Thailand. Yen is the leader of a Kung Fu school in Hong Kong. A Japanese school is rival of his school. Their leader Tu Pien comes to the school to defy them but Yen is overseas in Thailand. So he breaks their school board as a sign of defiance. Yen is finally back from Thailand. The fight can happen between both leaders. Yen defeats the Japanese leader but this latter starts to build his revenge. He invites Yen to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate peace but it is a trap. Yen is injured during the meal with a violin and then attacked by dozens of men. He is overwhelmed and finally killed. Ruffians prevent anybody to join the mourning. Yen's two Thai friends just arrive in Hong Kong in order to bring to Yen the tusk he ordered from Thailand. They discover he is dead. Chow and Sha are invited by Yen's sister during the mourning. Fight erupts between the two Kung Fu schools. Chow uses a mix of Thai boxing and Chinese Kung Fu taught by Yen. Tu Pien is about to win thanks to nunchaku usage but hopefully Chow reminds of Yen 's secret weapon and defeats Tu Pien. Most of the part in Thailand is filmed outdoor but the part in Hong Kong is played indoor. It is one of the five movies that Pawana Chanajit, the pearl of Asia, played in Hong Kong movie productions.

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