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Year: 1971

Thai title: พี่น้องตระกูลอึด
English title: Duel of Fists

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: David Chiang,Ti Lung
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit

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Thai movie พี่น้องตระกูลอึด was released in year 1971 and lasts 1h42mn. It is a Shaw Brothers movie. Duel of Fists / 拳擊 movie, a Thai HK co production involving the Pearl of Asia, i.e. Pawana Chanajit. In Hong Kong, Fan Ko's father dies. Before dying, he asks his son to go to Thailand to find his half lost brother Boonlot. He should have a special tattoo on the shoulder and be a Thai boxing fighter. Fan Ko (David Chiang) meets young Thai lady Pawana Chanajit during Songkran festival in Bangkok and she helps him to search after his lost brother. Boonlot (Ti Lung) is a strong fighter but he refuses to join ruffians to play fake matches (ไม่ใช่นักพนัน). Fan Ko assists to a boxing match, where strong fighter Djung Pao kills his opponent with bare hands. Two fighters have died before. Fan Ko intervenes believing the dead fighter is his brother. He then meets Boonlot, who appreciate his skills (ฝีมือไม่เบา). Once again Boonlot refuses to bend to the ruffians. His next match is against Djung Pao. Boonlot bets all his money on his win as he needs to cure his mother (ผ่าตัด). Some sequences in Bangkok allows seeing Wat Po, Wat Benchamabophit. Boonlot's girlfriend is worried that he will die. Fan Ko meets the ruffians as he is still looking for a fighter with a tattoo. The ruffians understand Boonlot and Fan Ko are brothers. Following a very difficult match, Boonlot finally defeats Djung Pao. The two brothers are reunited. Meanwhile a relative of a former Thai boxer killed by Djung Pao, strangles him. The ruffians' leader kills the relative and wants to force Boonlot to replace Djung Pao. As he refuses, Kung Fu fightings happen between Boonlot, Fan Ko and the ruffians. Their leader is much stronger than Djung Pao...

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