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Year: 1970

Thai title: ดาบคู่สะท้านโลกันต์
English title: The Devilish Killer

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Chaiya Suriyun
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat

Devilish killer can defeat 15 men in a single combat thanks to his iron hands, strong kick and powerful nine ring golden blade. He requests a thunderbolt sword to a clan leader. The clan leader refuses as it is the Clan sacred sword. He sends his two sons Chi Wen (Chaiya Suriyun) and Chi Wu away with the sword. The devilish killer defeats the clan leader and its men. He is now looking after Chi Wen and Chi Wu. Chi Wen is also defeated but the godly beggar helps him to escape death and to flee. Chi Wu is also defeated but gets help from a mysterious blind fighter. Chi Wen is taught by the godly beggar how to better fight. He helps princess Ju Yen (Petchara Chaowarat) attacked by two ruffians. Love emerges between both of them. Her father has promised her to devilish killer. Aware of Chi Wen, the father makes him pass difficult but successful tests. He finally drugs him, disfigured him and throws him from a cliff. Chi Wen refuses to see Ju Yen again as he feels ashamed to be disfigured. Meanwhile Chi Wu meets a young lady miss Chow selling flowers in a temple. She is skilled in sword handling. Following altercation with ruffians, Chi Wu is about to be defeated by them but finally secured by his own masked brother. Chi Wen refuses to disclose his identity and trains Chi Wu to improve his skills. This time it is Chi Wu helping miss Chow in a fight against ruffians. Ju Yen also joins us as she hopes to get news of Chi Wen from Chi Wu. Chi Wu notices miss Chow has the same sword. Only twin thunderbolt blades can defeat devilish killer. Chi Wen takes the two swords in order to train himself. Chi Wu, miss Chow and Ju Yen defy the devilish killer. Will Chi Wen join them on time? They are finally defeated despite using tricks such as armor or water to extinguish fire bombs. Chi Wen arrives on time to defeat the devilish killer thanks to the twin thunderbolt blades. They are finally all safe and Chi Wen's face is restored thanks to his master. This Taiwanese movie 活閻王 was supposed to feature Thai famous actor Mitr Chaibancha but following his sudden death in 1970, he was finally replaced by Chaiya Suriyun. Mitr Chaibancha went to Hong Kong to play in three Wuxia films in his last year. But only "Flyer and Magic Sword" was completed. "Sword of Emei", "The Tiger and the Dragon" and “The Devilish Killer” were finished with other leading actor. This movie is also called " L'uomo della grande muraglia" overseas.

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