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อั้งยี่ ลูกผู้ชายพันธุ์มังกร
อั้งยี่ ลูกผู้ชายพันธุ์มังกร

Year: 2000

Thai title: อั้งยี่ ลูกผู้ชายพันธุ์มังกร
English title: Ang Yee

Rating: 4/5
Director: นพพร วาทิน

Main actor: Amphol Lumpoon,Jimmy Lin
Main actress: Juree Osiri

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Thai movie อั้งยี่ ลูกผู้ชายพันธุ์มังกร / Ang Yee was released in year 2000 and lasts 1h53mn. It was released under VCD and DVD format. A remastered version was released by Five Star Production in the decade 2010s and shown on Thai TV cable. This movie takes place in 1937 in the Thai Chinese community. Two Chinese secret societies are confronting each other. This violent and bloody movie is a Taiwanese – Thai cinematographic cooperation. Leng (Amphol Lumpoon), a triad disguised as a Chinese opera performer, kills a prominent member of Tang clan and his men but he is severely injured. Hong (ฌัชชา รุจินานนท์), a young lady, impressed by his fighting skills, helps him as he is about to die. Her grandmother (Juree Osiri) is reluctant but accepts to help. Aware, her brother Howe (Jimmy Lin - Taiwanese actor) wishes to chase him away as he is afraid of the impacts on his family. Tang members are looking for Leng. Leng’s boss is cruel and wishes to get rid of him also as he is afraid he will take his place one day. The boss (อภิชาติ ชูสกุล) empowers Tua Tao (ทองขาว ภัทรโชคชัย) to find virgins for him. Chaba likes Howe. Joong (เมธี อมรวุฒิกุล), a member of the Tang clan, likes Chaba also. While visiting his friend Howe, Joong meets Leng. Fighting erupts and Leng is defeated as he is still injured. Joong lets him go as Hong begs him. The boss and Tua Tao are disappointed that Leng is still alive. Hong visits Leng to give him back a jade pendant. Tua Tao is now aware about Hong. Tua Tao follows Hong and captures her for his boss. Grandma is killed while trying to protect her. Leng succeeds to release Hong but Howe is upset and considers Leng as responsible. Howe joins the Tang clan in order to avenge his grandmother. Despite promising to his grandmother not to become a ruffian, he becomes a fierceful clan member and attacks the triad. Fightings happen between the two groups. Leng spares Howe and Joong’s lives. The boss, being aware, orders Leng to be beheaded. The other clan members led by Kiu oppose so the boss has to retract. Leng injures himself to recognize his failure. The boss orders Kui to be killed and Tua Tao tries to kill Leng. Leng, seriously injured, falls in the river and disappears. He becomes a beggar. Meanwhile Howe refuses to quit the Tang clan despite Hong’s request. Howe and Joong find Leng and bring him back to their home. Together they decide to get revenge over the three men leading the triad clan. Leng promises to Hong to quit the triad once his revenge is over. Tua Tao and the third leader are killed but the triad leader is more skilled. Heavy fighting occurs between the leader, Leng, Howe and Joong. Howe and Joong die. Leng defeats the leader but he is seriously injured. He dies in Hong's arms, waiting for him at the train station.

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