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Year: 1980

Thai title: ศึกคาราเต้
English title: Karate Dai Senso

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Dam Datsakorn,Chanee Yotchai
Main actress: Metta Roongrat

Thai Japanese movie ศึกคาราเต้ / カラテ大戦爭 / “Karate Dai Senso” was released in year 1980. It lasts 1h26mn. The movie was released under VHS and recently under DVD in year 2013. It is also known under the Thai name of คาราเต้บันลือโลก. A Japanese lady meets a man called Datsu (Hisao Maki), working as taxi driver. She hasn't met him for years. He was a karate teacher and she was a school student. He finally trains again and agrees to overseas to verify the superiority of Japanese Karate over other Asian martial arts. Some people in Japan try to ensure he will fail. He comes to Hong Kong and falls in a trap. It is fighting Kung Fu vs Karate. He is attacked many times but succeeds to survive despite being injured. He finally defeats the black dragon expert. Datsu then comes to Thailand. Dam Datsakorn as King Cobra is a Thai boxing champion. Metta Roongrat is his wife. Scenes in Thailand show Nakhon Pathom, Damnoen Saduak floating market, huge billboards with Thai movies posters. Chanee Yotchai as hitman tries to kill Datsu as ruffians fail to defeat him. Cobra prevents the hitman to hurt Datsu as he wishes for a fair fight. The Japanese lady tries to prevent Datsu to give up fighting by offering her charms but he still goes. Metta tries to prevent Cobra also but he still goes. Finally the two men fight until death happens for both of them.

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