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Year: 1974

Thai title: ไอ้เสือตี๋
English title: The Chinese Tiger

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Larry Lee,Pan Borapet
Main actress: Louise Lee Si-Kei

Thai Hong Kong ไอ้เสือตี๋ / "The Chinese Tiger" / 唐山猛虎 movie was released in year 1974. It lasts 1h30mn. Chinese citizen manage a company providing goods shipment from Thailand to Hong Kong. An employee is killed. Ruffians take advantage to hide drugs among the cereals. Goods are shipped to Hong Kong. Pan Borapet is hired to kill Limin (Larry Lee) in order to stop investigation but he fails. Limin’s brother as courier is arrested by Hong Kong police as drug was discovered. Mr Choi is behind this. Limin decides to go to Hong Kong to investigate. Young lady Fefei (Louise Lee Si-Kei) is used as drug mule by the gang. Ruffians try to stop Limin but his Kung Fu skills are too good for the ruffians. Limin identifies that drugs exchange is happening in a high class restaurant through Fefei. Limin joins the transporters and assist to a fighting between the big boss and two ruffians trying to take over their business. Limin is the troublemaker from Thailand! Limin defeats the big boss and his brother is released. Fefei has to go to jail. She promises to visit Limin in Thailand when she has purged her sentence. Back to Thailand, Limin has to fight against the ruffians, who hid the drugs inside his company goods.

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