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Year: 1983

Thai title: ดวงนักเลง
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Winit Pukdeewichit

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Nirut Sirijanya,Pisarn Akraseranee,Settha Sirachaya,Sahat Piempongsan
Main actress: Wiyada Umarin,Naowarat Yooktanun,Piathip Kumwong

A mysterious man arrives on a rainy night in a remote city and enters in the hotel bar. The hotel is half owned by young lady called Chonko (Wiyada Umarin). A crazy guy (Settha Sirachaya), always drunk (ขี้เมา), asks him to avoid troubles as bad ruffians are the real leaders here. The mysterious man is called Mek Suriya (Sorapong Chatree) and plays the judiciary guy against the ruffians terrorizing the drunkard (รับรองความปลอดภัย). Alcohol and cigarette are blurred on this movie digitalized from True Cable TV. Bamrong (Nirut Sirijanya) is playing cards against ruffians but lost accusing the ruffians to cheat. Mek ensures that the fight against Bamrong and a ruffian is fair. Mek and Bamrong win back the other half of the hotel from Dang, one of the ruffian working for godfather (เจ้าพ่อ) Sagnop. Serinya (Naowarat Yooktanun) arrives in the hotel and asks help for her brother Seri (Pisarn Akraseranee) who has just been beaten by ruffians. Serinya has come to teach Sagnop's children. Serinya and Seri meet Sagnop’s wife (Piathip Kumwong), Sumalee. Sagnop (Sahat Piempongsan) is a strong godfather and doesn’t hesitate to punish those who try to cheat him (เก็บใช้ในเมืองผี). Sagnop sends 5 hitmen to clear the issue with Mek. Mek always pays respect (ไหว้) to his Buddhist amulet after hitting some ruffians. Ruffians terrorized the city until Mek dares resisting them. One of the ruffians hitman defies Mek for an outdoor gun duel. It is a trick as other ruffians are hidden in the bush. The hitman is finally defeated and a strong message is sent to their big boss. Mek and Bamrong are too strong to be ordinary ruffians as they are well trained. Other ruffians storm the hotel bar but get defeated again by Mek (ผมไม่เคยตาย / อยากลองดู). Serinya and Seri are undercover policemen. They love each other (คู่รัก). Bamrong and Mek decide to go to Don Luang, Sagnop’s ranch, to be become his associates (ลูกน้อง). Sagnop is fond of Serinya and orders to kidnap her. Serinya has to marry with Sagnop but Sagnop is already married to Sumalee. Sumalee rescues Seri and bursts into tears follow up her many years of dispair with Sagnop. In the morning, Sumalee announced to Sagnop her decision to quit him, to go to Bangkok with her children and Seri. Sumalee is finally shot by Sagnop’s ruffians as Sagnop cannot accept this. Sagnop orders to kill Seri. Mek and Bamrong, warned by Serinya, go to help him. Bamrong is Sumalee's young brother. One of Bamrong’s nephew (หลาน) dies in a shoot out. Revenge is in the air... A final shoot out involving ruffians and army happens during Sagnop and Serinya’s wedding. Entertaining Molam dances are featured during the wedding. Sagnop and his ruffians are defeated. Mek Suriya, the mysterious judiciary, leaves (พี่ลาก่อน). The highlight of the movie is the first movie involving two big stars, i.e. Sorapong Chatree and Pisarn Akraseranee. Movie Duang Nak Leng (ดวงนักเลง) is not available on VCD or DVD in Thailand. Some digital versions from TV are available around such as a 1h29mn from Channel 9 (cut version) and a True Move Cable TV version of 1h54mn. It feels like a Tom Yam Thai western movie.

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