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Year: 1975

Thai title: ข้ามาจากแม่น้ำแคว
English title: Tiger from River Kwai

Rating: 3/5
Director: Franco Lattanzi

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,George Eastman
Main actress:

Tiger from River Kwai (ข้ามาจากแม่น้ำแคว) is a Tom Yam Spaghetti western. Alone and getting out of a Buddhist temple in Thailand to get ashes, Krung heads to America to give them to the dead relatives. He also carries gems. Some ruffians, aware of this, are looking for the Thai man to rob him. A Chinese Hong Kong man, expert in small blades, is also around. Being mistaken as Thai, he finally helps Krung. Ruffians finally get defeated by Krung and the Chinese man. But Krung is injured. The ruffians, led by Jack, kill a family to know where the Thai man is. A beautiful lady offers refuge to Krung. Meanwhile the ruffians storm the city to know where the Thai man is hiding but the sheriff is protecting his city. While giving the ashes to the family (Mary and her mum), Krung falls in a trap but succeeds to escape. He gets shot and injured again. He gets help from the Chinese man. The ruffians kidnap Mila to exchange her with the Thai man. Krung accepts but refuses to disclose to the ruffians where the jewels are as they belong to Buddha. As often in 1970s Thai action movies, famous fighting kicks from Krung Srivilai are featured. They escape. The treasure is fact an elephant embossed with jewels. The ruffians kidnap some women and children to force an exchange with the elephant. One of the sheriff auxiliary is a traitor and helps to release imprisoned ruffians while killing the sheriff. They flee to the Mexican border. Mary and her mum are kept as hostages. Finally Krung defeat the ruffians with the help of the Chinese man, gets back the jewel elephant and offers it to Mary before leaving back to Thailand. The movie features a great 1970s soundtrack as usual in spaghetti movies. It is a "East meets West" western with a Thai actor, a Hong Kong actor and an American actor. Original Italian name is "La Tigre Venuta Dal Fiume Kwai".

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