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Year: 1969

Thai title: เขี้ยวพยัคฆ์
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Pramin Jarujareet,Joomjim Khemlek,Tawan Siriwat,Pipop Pupinyo,Sukon Koewliam,Pan Borapet
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat

Thai movie เขี้ยวพยัคฆ์ was released in year 1969. The movie is lost in Thailand but a trailer lasting five minutes remains to be seen. The image is quite redish and damaged. The remaining film is in 16mm format so it is in mute state as such format requires live dubbing. Main actresses and actors featured in this movie are Sombat Methanee, Petchara Chaowarat, กุณฑลทิพย์ ปัจฉิมานนท์, Pramin Jarujareet, พีระ, Tawan Siriwat, Pipop Pupinyo, Joomjim Khemlek, ประกอบ, สรวง, ฉกาจ, ศรีนิล, Pan Borapet, เทพ, Sukon Koewliam, ทองฮะ, โกร่ง, แป๊ะอ้วน, ขวัญ, ดุจดาว. นครินทร์ is the movie director. It is a Thai western movie. Various short sequences in the trailer allow seeing Sombat Methanee, Sukon Koewliam, Tawan Siriwat as fake policeman, Sombat Methanee kissing กุณฑลทิพย์ ปัจฉิมานนท์, Petchara Chaowarat as government nurse, Chinese opera featured, a man hitting his teenage daughter, comic scenes involving Sukon Koewliam.

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