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Year: 1967

Thai title: บ้าบิ่นบินเดี่ยว
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: ประทีป โกมลภิส

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Taksin Jampol,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Chanee Yotchai,Surasit Sattayawong,Sawin Sawangrat,Daonoi Duangjai,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit,Metta Roongrat,Kaenjai Meenakanit,Yaowaret Nisakorn

Thai movie บ้าบิ่นบินเดี่ยว was released in year 1967. Main actors and actresses include Sombat Methanee, Pawana Chanajit, Taksin Jampol, Metta Roongrat, Prachuap Ruekyamdee, Chanee Yotchai, Kaenjai Meenakanit, Surasit Sattayawong, Yaowaret Nisakorn, Sawin Sawangrat, Daonoi Duangjai, Sithao Petcharoen, ไสล พูนชัย, เมืองเริง ปัทมินทร์, พร ไพโรจน์, อาคม มกรานนท์. Movie director is ประทีป โกมลภิส. The film was never released on VHS / VCD / DVD format and was lost in Thailand. Only a short sequence of three minutes can still be seen. The radio advertising song is still available. Thai movie บ้าบิ่นบินเดี่ยว is a Thai Western. The original film lasted 160 minutes. The three minutes extract includes several sequences. Pawana and Donoi are eating grilled chicken while Sombat is very hungry seeing them. Two ruffians are about to shoot Sombat, but Pawana shouts to warn him.

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