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ทอง ภาค 3
ทอง ภาค 3

Year: 1988

Thai title: ทอง ภาค 3
English title: The lost idol

Rating: 4/5
Director: Chalong Pukdeewichit

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Erik Estrada,Christoph Klüppel,Likit Eakmongkol,Sayan Chantaraviboon,Krung Srivilai,Rith Luecha
Main actress: Apiradee Pawaputanon

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Thai movie ทอง ภาค 3 / The lost idol (1988) lasts 89 minutes. Chalong Pukdeewichit is same director as previous sequels. A company of American soldiers is lost in Cambodia in 1975. They face Vietcong attack. They find a Brahma statue made of pure gold. The company carries it and their leader Oliver decides to hide it until the war is over. He betrays his own soldiers by shooting them but one, called Kirt (Erik Estrada), succeeds to flee despite being injured. The leader Oliver believes they are all dead. Meanwhile Red Khmer soldiers led by Sorapong Chatree are still chasing the US soldiers. They shoot Oliver and take for granted that he is dead. Kirt derives on a tree trunk and young Thai lady Lamyai helps him. He recovers and decides to stay with Lamyai. Meanwhile Oliver receives a promotion, a US medal and decides to go back to Thailand. He meets Catherine, his girlfriend, who is a US doctor working at the Thai Cambodian border. Colonel (ผู้พัน) Oliver asks Don (Likit Eakmongkol) to build a team in order to get back the statue from Cambodia. Part of this team are Krung Srivilai and Rith Luecha present in previous opus but with different roles. Christopher (Christoph Klüppel) is also part of the team. He was selected by Chalong Pukdeewichit thanks to his impressive bodybuilding. 1M baht is promised for each. Half now and half when the job is completed. Another group is following Oliver also. They threaten Katherine to get information. To force Kirt to join his team, Oliver kidnaps his daughter. Kirt has to accept to lead them through the Thai Cambodian border as it is full of mines. Meanwhile Katherine is going to Cambodian side to help poor people per her previous promise to Sorapong. It reminds the real story of Phanom Rung lintel stolen during Vietnam war and given back to Thailand in year 1988. Sayan Chantaraviboon and Apiradee Pawaputanon are part of the Red Khmer army. Sorapong's men are all killed during an embuscade and Katherine is captured. The Vietnamese soldiers wish to know why Oliver is back. Despite being tortured, Oliver refuses to speak. Kirt tells the Vietnamese about the gold statue (เทวดารูปทองคำ). The Vietnamese leader (นพพล โกมารชุน) plans to bring it back to Vietnam. One Cambodian man warns Sorapong that this statue belongs to Cambodian heritage and that it should stay here. They attack the truck convoy and the mercenaries free themselves. Sorapong asks mercenaries to join his team if they want to spare their life. If they survive, they will get freedom. The Khmer soldiers and the mercenaries attack the Vietnamese camp. Heavy fightings happen as Vietnamese soldiers have tanks. The Vietnamese leader succeeds to flee with the golden statue through an helicopter. Oliver sneaks in also. The statue finally falls in the lake and the helicopter crashes in the mountain. Chalong Pukdeewichit uses same recipe as previous sequels, i.e. famous Thai actors to be able to attract Thai audience and quite famous foreign actors to attract overseas audience.

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