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Year: 1986

Thai title: ตามฆ่า
English title: Twinkle Ninja Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Lak Apichat,Krai Kanchit,Boo Wibunnan,Chat Mongkolchai,Pipop Pupinyo,Pao Porapak
Main actress: Sinaporn Philailak

Thai movie ตามฆ่า was released in year 1986 and lasts 1h46mn. The VHS release is very sharp. The movie was also released overseas by Filmark movie production. It is called "Twinkle Ninja Fantasy". It is mixing the Thai movie and Ninja sequences shot in Hong Kong. Vin (Lak Apichat) organises gambling on a mining site. Manager (ผู้จัดการ) Somchai (Krai Kanchit) decides to give him a harsh lesson. Kiet (Sorapong Chatree) interposes as Somchai is going too far. Fighting erupts and You (Sinaporn Philailak) has to stop them. The big boss Thana (Boo Wibunnan) refuses to fire Kiet as he is a good staff. You is Thana's girlfriend but she is also Somchai's mistress. As Kiet has to transport important company goods, Somchai plans to get rid of him. As Kiet's sister has a domestic accident, Kiet cannot go. Vin then leads the convoy, which is attacked by ruffians. Only Vin succeeds to escape as the ruffians believe he falls from a cliff. You pushes to marry with Thana (แม่เลี้ยง) but this latter wishes to inform his son coming back from overseas first. As the convoy is robbed, Somchai accuses Kiet to be the mastermind behind. Pinyo tries to convince Vin to accuse Kiet but as he refuses, he is beaten and left for dead. Thana doesn't trust Somchai so he wishes to replace him by his son. Aware, Somchai hires Chat Mongkolchai to attack the next convoy led by Thana and Kiet. All staff die including Thana. Only Kiet escapes but his sister gets killed as he takes refuge in his home. Somchai now plans to kill Thana's son called Virayut (วีรยุทธ รสโอชา). While exiting the train station, ruffians chase and shoot Virayut. Luckily doctor Wana (ปรางค์ วงศ์วัช)(แสนสวย) passes by and saves his life. Pipop Pupinyo and Pao Porapak storm the doctor's house to find the son. Wana chases them on time before any killing occurs. Virayut wishes to kill Kiet as You brainwashed him that he is the killer. Ruffians try to kill again Virayut but they fail so they kidnap the doctor Wana. Meanwhile Virayut follows Lak to find Kiet. Following fighting, Virayut understands that Kiet is innocent. Understanding that Somchai doesn't love her, You tries to release Wana but it is too late and she gets killed. Kiet gets revenge over Chat Mongkolchai by putting a grenade in his mouth. Knowing that Somchai is planning to flee overseas by boat, Thai police, Kiet, Vin, Virayut storm the pier to release Wana. The boat succeeds to escape but Kiet and Virayut are on board. Through a final fight, Somchai is killed. As often in Thai movies, it is discovered that Virayut is a Bangkok police officer. Before going to Bangkok, he promotes Kiet as new manager and Vin as intendant. This Thai includes many stereotypes from 1980s Thai action movies.

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