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ชุมแพ 2
ชุมแพ 2

Year: 1984

Thai title: ชุมแพ 2
English title: Chom Phae 2

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Nard Poowanai,Kecha Plianvithee,Chat Mongkolchai,Manop Aussawathep,Chaiyan Sorakrai,Ron Rittichai
Main actress: Apiradee Pawaputanon

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Chom Phae 2 (ชุมแพ ภาค 2) movie starts by a 5mn section of Chom Phae 1 with actors Sombat Methanee, Dam Datsakorn and actress Piyamas Monayakol. Chatom, the ruffians leader, is captured by the police. Duangjai and Duangpol are his daughters. Police Officer Chayo, promised to Duangpol, refuses to release Chatom. Duangjai hires Chat, a famous thief, in order to help liberate her father. The plan is audacious but successful. Chatom needs now to buy weapons for 20M baht to ruffian leader พ่อ Saen. Weapons are finally stolen (โปลน) and not paid. Saen is upset by Chatom's outrageous beahavior and his daughter Surin tries to calm him down. Both Surin and Duangjai want their fathers to stop being ruffians leaders but they just cannot stop. Chatom's ruffians try to kill Saen but a mysterious masked fighter (Surin!) helps him. Every time Chatom tries to sell the weapons, police is aware. Chatom suspects Chat to inform Chayo. Chatom resurrects Seua Sing (from Chom Phae part 1) as his twin brother to try to kill Police Officer Chayo. Chatom's ruffians try to sell weapons to neighbouring guerrilla (คนเลวชาติ) in the jungle but Saen's team led by Surin fights back. Chatom ruffians kidnap Surin to know who is the spy inside their team. Hopefully Yot helps to release Surin. Chat is finally captured but released by Surin. He joins Saen's team. To get rid of him, Chatom wishes to recruit Hamuyan, a strong hill tribe fighter. Hamuyan is coming from a hill tribe (พี่น้องแมว) and is expert in fighting skills. Hamuyan is recruited by Chatom to kill Chat. Hamuyan accepts as Chat is supposed to be a bad guy and Hamuyan needs money. Police officer Chayo intervenes before they can kill each other. Surin (Apiwadee) is doing well in fighting skills also. Following the failure, Chatom orders to kill Hamuyan but his sbires fail to execute properly. Later on Hamuyan helps Chat and Surin in difficulty against some ruffians. Chat and Hamuyan decide to go back to the mountain to prevent retaliation from Chatom on the hill tribe. Hamuyan's sister Nai Ying prevents a bomb to explose when Chat's car with Hamuyan passes by but she gets shot. Chatom and his ruffians attack the hill tribe village but are welcome by an explosive reception from Chat, Hamuyan and the hill tribe fighters. Police led by Chayo arrives on time. Even Surin joins the shootings. Finally Chatom and Saen kill each other. Chat was finally an undercover policeman. It is a typical 1980s Thai action movie featuring multiple fights, shootings, undercover policeman. Chomphae 1 was released in 1976. The real part 2 is supposed to be movie “ทุ่งลุยลาย” with Sombat Methanee released in 1978. This Chom Phae 2 doesn’t feature the main leading actor, i.e. Sombat Methanee and tries to bank on the box office success of part 1.

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