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สิงห์รถบรรทุก 2
สิงห์รถบรรทุก 2

Year: 1984

Thai title: สิงห์รถบรรทุก 2
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Manop Aussawathep,Rith Luecha,Lak Apichat
Main actress: Suriwan Suriyong,Pissamai Wilaisak

First movie episode สิงห์รถบรรทุก was shot in 1977. Siarat (Sorapong Chatree) is the owner of a truck company and is recently married. Phayap is the head of local mafia. His team is responsible of killing the owner of a truck company but they manage to accuse Siarat. Malin (Suriwan Suriyong), daughter of the assassinated truck owner, wishes to take revenge over Siarat but her mother (Pissamai Wilaisak) tries to prevent her as there is no proof yet. Malin believes wrongly Phayap's sayings. Two hitmen shot and kill Sairat's wife, Saisanee. Siarat wishes to take revenge over this murder. Meanwhile Siarat's former friends from the first movie episode, Chan, Kaewkarawet and Rawan, come back. Phayap tries to buy land from poor farmers but Chan (Manop Aussawathep) helps to chase the ruffians. Siarat doesn't know yet who killed his wife, Phayap group or Malin group. Phayap calls for other ruffians' help from Sisaket. Malin has great fighting skills. Suriwan Suriyong was often used as leading actress for action movies. She shows to Siarat that women can do same as men. Malin and Siarat are now friends as Phayap is identified as the treacherous man. Phayap sells weapons illegally to drug dealers. Phayap kills Siarat's friend Master (อาจารย์) himself. Siarat and Malin bring dozen of trucks to attack Phayap's team but the fields are mined. Gunfire happen between both groups until Phayap is neutralized through bloody sequences. It is a typical action movie from 1980s based on revenge script, kung fu fights, gunfire fights and issues resolved without the direct intervention from the police (it is only known at the movie end that Sairat's friends were under cover policemen), katoei (กะเทย) used as supporting comic roles. The movie image is very damaged for a 1980s movie. This hommage to trucks world was certainly very successful in countryside where movies were projected from the backs of trucks on to sheets hung between trees at fairgrounds.

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