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Year: 1983

Thai title: จ้าวภูผา
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Nard Poowanai,Lak Apichat,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Pipop Pupinyo,Somkuan Krajangsat,Manop Aussawathep,Rith Luecha,Chat Mongkolchai,Pao Porapak,Kecha Plianvithee,Krailat Kriengkrai
Main actress: Sarinthip Siriwan,Sawitri Samiphak,Hatairat Amatavanich

Thai movie จ้าวภูผา was released in year 1983 and lasts 2h04mn. It was released under VHS format only. Phanum (Sorapong Chatree) is getting trained by teacher (อาจารย์) Pipop Pupinyo in a training camp located on a mountain. Phanum has stayed in the training camp for two years but he cannot remember who he is. A man called Chan, who brought him there, has disappeared already. He decides to leave the camp to enquiry on his past. He is now skilled enough in martial arts (ใช้ได้). He meets young lady Feui (สาวิตรี สามิภักดิ์) aggressed by three ruffians. Feui's brother is Lak Apichat. Fortune teller (หมอดู เทวดา) Feng (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) is also looking for Chan. Young lady Yeewa (ฤทัยรัตน์ อมตะวณิชย์), daughter of village headman Kwat (เจ้าพ่อใหญ่). Feui's Father is Somkuan Krajangsat. It seems that Chan has ennemies looking for him. Chan is currently working for village headman Kwat (Manop Aussawathep). Sarinthip Siriwan is playing Kwat's wife. Chat Mongkolchai is village headman's assistant. Today is Kwat's birthday celebration. Somebody offers an ominous gift (ของขวัญวันตาย), i.e. a coffin (โลงศพ). A hitman, offering a gift, shots Kwat three times. Phanum and Feng are arrested as suspected to be involved as they were not invited to the party. Lit (Rith Luecha) sent the killer in order to be the new village headman (กำนัน). Kwat survives as he was wearing a bullet jacket. Feng has to demonstrate his divine skills to show they are not involved in the murder tentative. The birthday celebration continues but during the evening Lit's ruffians bring the mess. Fighting (การต่อสู้) between Pao Porapak and Panum happens. Nakorn (Kecha Plianvithee) learns about Panum and send two hitmen to get rid of him and Chan. Chan is played by Nard Poowanai. Nakorn's ruffians are killed by Chan. Chan has to flee again. Two ruffians sent by Lit fail to shoot Panum. Panum is divided between Yeewa and Feui. Chan helps Panum and Feng attacked by ruffians while sending money to a wood sawmill. A master (อาจารย์) helps Panum to remember his real name as Ek. Nakorn is Ek's uncle. Ek was back from studying abroad. His father was killed (ถูกฆ่าตาย) and Ek lost memory while being injured. Thanks to master (อาจารย์), Ek recovers memory. Through the final, they storm the ruffians' place and all of them are shot. Unable to choose between Yeewa and Feui, Ek marries both of them!

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