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Year: 1982

Thai title: ดาวพระเสาร์
English title: The Big Deal

Rating: 4/5
Director: Dam Datsakorn

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Toon Hiransap,Pipop Pupinyo,Rith Luecha,Lak Apichat,Dam Datsakorn,Kecha Plianvithee
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Thitima Sangkapitak,Wiyada Umarin,Duangjai Hathaikarn

ดาวพระเสาร์ (The Big Deal) movie is gathering three main stars from 1980s decade, i.e. Sorapong Chatree, Toon Hiransap and Jarunee Sooksawad. This movie is mixing action and romance. An impressive bunch of 1970s-1980s famous Thai actors are participating. Dam Datsakorn, more known for his ruffian leader role, is also the director. Dao Prasao (Sorapong Chatree) is similar to a lonesome cowboy but he has a strong kick (ตีนแรง) whenever somebody is looking for troubles. Taen (Toon Hiransap) wishes to befriend with Dao Prasao. Taen is chased by Sing Manorom's ruffians but gets help from Dao Prasao. Taen gives him a bag with 100 000 baht as a reward. Taeng, Taen's fiancee, is promised to ruffian Sing Manorom so Taen has no wish to live anymore. The 100 000 baht were supposed to be used while fleeing with Taeng. Diaw Dai (Wiyada Umarin), prostitute with sincere heart, helps them to hide from the ruffians. Tuang (Rith Luecha) is her evil pimp and wishes to take revenge following Diaw Dai betrayal. Dao Prasao promises to help Taen. Taeng (Jarunee Sooksawad) is the daughter of sub- district headman (kamnan) called Yot. Dao Prasao arrives as a mysterious wedding gift giver in order to enter more easily in Yot’s house. Causing a fire during the wedding eve, Dao Prasao takes profit of the mess to flee with Taeng. He is injured while helping her. Despite a plot from Tuang, all succeed to escape the ruffians. Diaw Dai has some feelings for Dao Prasao. Some feelings start also between Taeng and Dao Prasao. His real name is Kata. He left his home as his fiancee married his father while he was studying abroad. Meanwhile while visiting Taen's home, Taeng discovers he has already a fiancee! In fact his father wants to force him to marry a high society lady called Kaew (Thitima Sangkapitak). Feeling sad, Taeng is finally captured again by the ruffians. Aware of this, Dao Prasao with close friend Dang's support raid the ruffians nightclub. Jarunee excels in Thai boxing skill-set and they succeed to escape. Taeng is disappointed by Taen as he doesn't dare to oppose his father to protect their love (อยู่ในอำนาจบารมีของพ่อ). He is not as courageous as Dao Prasao. Taen feels hurt by Taeng’s words. Chumporn, head of ruffians, is leading a prostitution ring. They capture many ladies including Taeng, Kaew, Diaw Dai to sell them to an international buyer. Tuang kills Diaw Dai as a revenge. Dao Prasao and Taen successfully release the ladies through fierce fights on moving trucks and through motorized acrobatics. Taen wishes to show he has courage also. Kaew is killed during the battle. Taen and Taeng are reunited. Dao Prasao leaves them and continues his life as a lonesome cowboy. Dao Prasao has accomplishes his mission as Taen and Taeng can be happy together now. An earlier version with Sombat Methanee was shot in 1970.

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