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Year: 1981

Thai title: ยางโทน
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sorapong Chatree,Phairoj Jaising,Dam Datsakorn
Main actress: Supansa Nuengpirom,Prissana Chabaprai

While Yot (Sorapong Chatree), young man, is away from his home, three ruffians raid his house and kill his parents. They were looking for a red jade (หยกแดง). Yot promises to punish the three robbers. Than (Sombat Methanee) is a farmer who has a family. He refuses to sell his rice to the local village headman (กำนัน) as the offered price is too low. The local village headman uses strong power (อำนาจ) and bad influence (อิทธิพล) to coerce villagers. Yot helps Than to beat the local ruffians. They sympathize. At nighttime ruffians come again but Yot shoots one of them. In the following morning, the local village headman comes with the police to arrest the two men. Following a misunderstanding between thugs, Yot and Than can flee. Yot continues his way to find the murderers of his parents. He finds two of them and learns that a rich man (เศรษฐีใหญ่) from Phrae and Nan provinces has ordered to get the red jade. Meanwhile the local village headman chases Than up to his home and shoots his wife. This is his final crime as Than shoots him also. Arrived in Nan, Yot receives help from the local mafia head Sai Wan as he had arguments with a prostitute in a local hotel. Sai Wan recruits Yot. Meanwhile Than enters Pho Liang Rak's ruffian team. Fights happen between the local mafia teams. Yot identifies that Pho Liang Rak is responsible of his parents' death. Pho Liang Rak and his team are neutralized but then Yot and Than fight over the red jade. They finally realize they are brothers. They decide to sell the red jade to build a Buddhist temple. This movie is a Thai Tom Yum (ต้มยำ) western from decades 1970s-1980s.

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