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Year: 1977

Thai title: ลุย
English title:

Rating: 5/5
Director: Ruj Ronnapop

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sorapong Chatree,Kanchit Kwanpracha,Pipop Pupinyo,Somsak Chaisongkram,Uten Boonyong,Paen Pleumsachai,Dam Datsakorn,Adul Dulyarat,Boo Wibunnan,Sahat Piempongsan,Manop Aussawathep
Main actress: Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Duangjai Hathaikarn,Aranya Namwong

Thai movie ลุย was released in year 1977 and lasts 2h03mn. It was released under VCD format by company Solar Marketing. A remastered version was released by Five Star Production in the decade 2010s and shown on Thai TV cable. Movie director is Ruj Ronnapop. Lui (Sombat Methanee), Nai (Kanchit Kwanpracha), Lui's Father, Pipop Pupinyo, Somsak Chaisongkram, Deuan (Uten Boonyong) are part of a secret mafia organization. Paen Pleumsachai and his men attack Deuan. Lui and other colleagues arrive to help but his father dies in the fighting. Lui is a hitman in the organization. Lui is married to Sai Nam (Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej). Fed up to be a hitman for 10 years, Lui has decided to stop in order to take care of his wife Sai Nam and his son. He informs his friend Deuan. The secret organization (องค์การ) is not willing to let him go so easily as he knows all the internal secrets. They send two hitmen to kill him. They fail but, before being shot, one of them lies that Deuan is the one who disclosed Lui's location. Another three hitmen led by Somsak are sent but are also killed by Lui. The organisation asks Nai to manage but he refuses as he believes Lui has done nothing wrong. The organisation decides to send Nai to Hong Kong as they lose some trust with him. Ruffian Tio shall be the one to manage Lui. Kanchai Insree (Dam Datsakorn) is hired by Tio (Adul Dulyarat) to kill Lui as Deuan refuses to do the job. A bomb is put in his car. Unfortunately, his wife and son are killed. Lui shoots Deuan as revenge as he believes he is the culprit. Lui takes Boi, Deuan's son, to raise as his own son. Aunt Dou (Duangjai Hathaikarn) is helping. Boi reveals the truth to Lui, i.e. Deuan was beaten as he refused to kill Lui. Pipop and others are killed by Lui. Kanchai is also killed but before dying, he shouts to Boi that Lui is the one, who killed his father Deuan. Lui meets Prakasit (Sahat Piempongsan) by luck in a mall. Chasing happens but Lui spares his life as Prakasit hides behind his daughter. They take refuge in Kanchanaburi. Boi grows up there and learns how to shoot. He is played by Sorapong Chatree. Lui is now having a moustache. Ruffians led by Tio are still looking for Lui. Tio is having good time with girls managed by แม่ Soi (Aranya Namwong). Tio is killed by Lui. They invest in a Pattaya hotel by buying shares in order to prepare a future for Boi, Aunt Dou and Soi. Boi meets a young lady Not (เดือนเต็ม สาลิตุล) looking for a hotel room with her friend Metta. Nai is back from Hong Kong. Three ruffians’ leaders are left. Metta is Sakdan's son trying to identify where Lui is hiding. Lui is warned by Soi. Lady Not is Prakasit's daughter. Lui takes care of Sakdan. Kamphet (Manop Aussawathep) kills Soi as she refuses to disclose where Lui is hiding. Nai arrives at the hotel. Boi hears Lui and Nai talking together and that Lui killed his father Deuan through a misunderstanding. He wishes to kill uncle Lui as revenge despite Aunt Dou explaining to him. Thanks to Metta, ruffians now know where Lui is hiding. Boi is willing to shoot Lui and Lui accepts it. He uses an empty gun to shoot the man, who killed his father, but cannot shoot the uncle, who raised him. Ruffians storm Lui's place. Both Nai and Lui are injured. They chase Boi away. Boi faces Metta and is knocked out by him. Nai is shot by ruffians. Lui is shot multiple times by ruffians. Ruffians are celebrating their victory. On his last breath, Lui shoots at the explosives he put under his house. Ruffians are wiped out. Lui dies in Boi's arms.

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