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Year: 1977

Thai title: เขี้ยวเสือเล็บสิงห์
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Phairoj Jaising,Nard Poowanai,Dam Datsakorn,Pipop Pupinyo,Pan Borapet
Main actress: Rewadee Pattaphong

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Thai movie เขี้ยวเสือเล็บสิงห์ was released in year 1977. It lasts 1h48mn. Director is Payoong Payakul. Atit (Sombat Methanee), a mercenary (ทหารรับจ้าง) is back to his village in Isan. His father was kidnapped. Some ruffians try to kill him but Atit is faster to shoot them. He meets his old friend Akan (Phairoj Jaising), now Turkish bath manager. Seua Suk (Dam Datsakorn) and Pan Borapet storm the school as village header Thong complained to the police about their ruffians' activities. Teacher (Rewadee Pattaphong) is his daughter. Mokara (Nard Poowanai), a policeman, acting as a telecom company employee, hides a microphone inside Mien Wo's phone. Athit helps Mokara, aggressed by three ruffians, so they sympathize. He promises to help to find his kidnapped father. Mokara identifies that Mien Wo is the ruffians’ leader (นายผู้หญิง) behind the kidnapping. Mokara requests the help of Seua Suk to identify ruffians around. They accept to work together. Upset by this, Mien Wo's team kidnaps the daughter of the village leader Thong to have a guarantee (ตัวประกัน). The dream team composed of Athit, Mokara, Akan, Seua Suk and others prepare to storm the ruffians' place. Pipop Pupinyo is leading the resistance but ruffians are defeated. A foreigner, Athit’s friend, tries finally to betray him and to flee by helicopter with the father. Following a daring fight, the foreigner falls from the helicopter but Seua Suk dies while helping Athit. The DVD movie is certainly composed of two sets of partial reels as sometimes the image is colorful and sometimes it is reddish.

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