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Year: 1977

Thai title: ดวล
English title: The last duel

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Ek Amarin,Kecha Plianvithee,Chanee Yotchai,Paen Pleumsachai,Pipop Pupinyo,Surasit Sattayawong
Main actress: Wilaiwan Watthanaphanit

Thai movie ดวล (The last duel) was released in year 1977. It lasts 1h31mn. It seems that the movie was never released on VCD or DVD but only shown on Thai TV channel 11. The soundtrack is unfortunately very bad and barely audible. It features a bunch of actors always playing ruffians such as Kecha Plianvithee, Chanee Yotchai, Paen Pleumsachai and Pipop Pupinyo. Ek Amarin (เอก อัมรินทร์) is the main actor. Kecha and Surasit Sattayawong are friends with an overseas ruffian. They kill a couple to steal money and also take their daughter. Their teenage son promises to get revenge. 20 years have passed. Kecha's birthday is happening. Narin from France is present. Ek spoils the party and promises to get revenge against the ruffians one by one. He finally gets stopped by Narin (ไม่น่าเป็นโจร). Ek reverses the situation and brings Narin in a cave as a prisoner. He finds that Narin has a necklace and a birth tattoo on her back showing that she is his lost sister separated from him when their parents were killed by ruffians. Ek gets rid of Chanee and Surasit through duels. He also kills Pipop in one to one duel. One of the overseas ruffians leaders is chased by speed boat, then by car but Ek gets defeated. Ek is tortured, attached to a pole and left for dead. He is finally released by Narin. Ek is then chased by a motorcycle, a helicopter and then a F1 car but still survives! Finally Ek shots also Kecha. The movie moves to Spain into a with a five minutes corrida sequence that looks like more a documentary. He also shots the last ruffian, who was a Spanish citizen. Revenge cycle is over. This movie got limited success despite bringing some foreign stars. Ek Amarin is also less famous than other Thai cinema stars of the 1970s decade.

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