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Year: 1976

Thai title: ป่าอันตราย
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: ปริญญา ลีละศร

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,Phairoj Jaising,Pipop Pupinyo,Paen Pleumsachai,Pan Borapet,Nirut Sirijanya
Main actress:

Thai movie ป่าอันตราย was released in year 1976. The movie is lost in Thailand and only a partial sequence of 1h30mn is left. The movie director is ปริญญา ลีละศร. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Krung Srivilai, Phairoj Jaising, Pipop Pupinyo, Paen Pleumsachai, Pan Borapet, Nirut Sirijanya, เมือง อพอลโล, นฤมล นิลวรรณ, รชัฏชวลิต วัฒนไพศาล, เศกสิทธิ์ สวัสดิรักษ์. A businessman has a car accident and dies. Police led by Phairoj Jaising don’t believe it is an accident. His two daughters (นฤมล นิลวรรณ and รชัฏชวลิต วัฒนไพศาล) come from Bangkok to take over the business. On the way to the logging company, they meet Kanong (Krung Srivilai), who is a crazy young man. The two ladies take his car and flee as he is making fun of them. Finally, Kanong arrives in the logging company. An impressive truck carrying huge logs can be seen. He meets Pipop Pupinyo, being the company administrator, and also Paen Pleumsachai and Pan Borapet arriving at the same time. Kanong punches Pipop. Nirut Sirijanya is in the company and is also part of Phajak’s team. Ruffians are back in a big number, but Kanong gets help from Phairoj and Nirut. Pipop is helping the two ladies as he was working for their father before. He is upset that they don’t listen to him. Finally, Pipop and Kanong gather their strength against the ruffians led by Phayak. Ruffians put a bomb in Kanong’s house. People believe Kanong is dead. Kanong is just hiding (เป็นผีแล้ว) and is working with Pukong to neutralise the ruffians. Suko (Nirut Sirijanya) loves นฤมล but is too direct with her. The workers in the company threaten to strike if they don’t receive their salary (ค่าแรง). The two ladies have difficulties paying everyone and ask for some time. Police intervene to calm down the workers. Pukong brings a suitcase with money received from Bangkok. Kanong learns that Phayak is behind all the recent incidents including the bomb in his house. Kanong and Phairoj are working together to gather proof against the ruffians. Kanong tricks Meuang, who was having a good time with young lady Oratai. Thanks to Kanong, police arrest ruffians transporting trees by truck. The two groups of ruffians believe the other group is the traitor (หักหลัง). They shoot each other. Ruffians try to trap Pukong (เศกสิทธิ์ สวัสดิรักษ์), but it fails. Simulating being a ghost, Kanong asks นฤมล นิลวรรณ to set up a meeting with everyone. Suko is identified as a traitor. Phayak, now aware that police have identified their illegal activities, is planning to flee to Burma. Suko shall be killed first. Oratai is Phayak’s mistress. Kanong tries to convince her to share some details about Phayak in order to avoid prison. Phayak kills her before. Ruffians kidnap นฤมล นิลวรรณ despite Pipop protecting her (นายผู้หญิง). Suko is killed. The younger sister falls from a cliff after trying to help her sister นฤมล. Police arrive and storm their camp. Phairoj helps the younger sister. Kanong shoots Phayak.

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