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เสือ 4 แคว
เสือ 4 แคว

Year: 1976

Thai title: เสือ 4 แคว
English title: Four Devils

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Krung Srivilai,Choomporn Theppitak,Kecha Plianvithee,Pipop Pupinyo,Dam Datsakorn,Chana Sriubon,Kom Akadej,Lak Apichat,Sayan Chantaraviboon,Pan Borapet,Paen Pleumsachai,Pumi Patanayut
Main actress: Naiyana Shewanan,Rewadee Pattaphong

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Thai movie เสือ 4 แคว was released in year 1976. It lasts 2h20mn. Pleung (Krung Srivilai) and Chat (Sombat Methanee) are always fighting in a prison. The head of prison decide to transfer them to another prison. To avoid any issues during the transfer, they are hogtied together. During transfer, Pleung's teammates attack the police armed escort. Pleung and Chat flee together. Choomporn Theppitak is playing a policeman. They do realize that they have a common enemy called พ่อเลี้ยง Do Tawan (Kecha Plianvithee). Do Tawan is aware that Pleung is now free. Choi (อัมรัตน์ ขัตติยา) is Do Tawan's girlfriend. Four devils [เสือ4แคว] (Pipop Pupinyo – Seua Wang, Dam Datsakorn - Seua Nan, Seua Ping - Chana Sriubon, Seua Yom – โดม สิงห์โมฬี) are called by Do Tawan to kill Pleung. 1M Baht reward is promised for the one who succeeds to kill Pleung. น้อง Kaew (Rewadee Pattaphong), a teacher, is Do Tawan's younger sister. She knows the secret behind her brother. Do Tawan (โจรใจบาป) is selling drugs. Pleung, a former teammate, asked him to stop but ended up in jail because of Do Tawan. Pleung's younger sister Wallin (Naiyana Shewanan) is still kept captive by Do Tawan (ตัวประกัน). A bomb is hidden in her bungalow. Kaew prevents her brother from abusing Wallin. ภูมิ พัฒนายุทธ, Kan (Kom Akadej), Wai (Lak Apichat), Suki (Sayan Chantaraviboon) meet Chat in the restaurant (เอาเต็มที่). He claims to be เสือ4แคว. They sympathize with Chat, who sends them to help Pleung against the 4 devils. Meanwhile, Chat plans to enter Do Tawan group in order to spy them and release Wallin. Pleung, being attacked by Seua, decides to fight back and attack them directly also causing Dam to flee. Do Tawan hires Chat. Seua Ping’s team includes veteran actors Pan Borapet, กฤษณะ อำนวยพร and Paen Pleumsachai. Chat pushes the teams against each other. Chat succeeds to exchange Wallin with Kaew simulating a kidnapping. Meanwhile Choi helps to provide information on Do Tawan's business. Chat is identified as the traitor. Chat shall be smashed by a train but Pleung helps him on time. Knowing that Chat is not dead, Do Tawan moves his stock of drugs in a safer place. Pleung identifies the place and decides to attack it. Chat, being finally a policeman, also comes with reinforcement. All ruffians are killed by the Thai A-team. Unable to flee, Do Tawan prefers to explode the warehouse to avoid surrendering. Pleung has to go back to jail but Chat promises that his efforts to catch Do Tawan will be taken into account to reduce the severity. This movie features a huge number of famous Thai actors and actresses.

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