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Year: 1976

Thai title: ไอ้แมงดา
English title: The Bug Man

Rating: 3/5
Director: Chai Meekunsut

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,Sorapong Chatree,Kanchit Kwanpracha,Pipop Pupinyo,Dam Datsakorn,Sayan Chantaraviboon,Lak Apichat,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Tanyarat Lohanan,Piyamas Monayakol

A Thai man just marries a hill tribe girl called Bokram. His wife is kidnapped by ruffians. He is in fact a man collecting girls for brothels! A mysterious man raid two brothels looking for a lady called Choimai. He is a strong puncher. His name is doctor Chai (Krung Srivilai) and is fiance with Vui, a gym sport woman (นักกีฬาgym). He has lost memory and cannot remember his own fiancee. Hong (Sorapong Chatree) is a well-off son involved with ruffians. Choimai is now prisoner in the prostitution ring leader’s house. His name is Yai (Dam Datsakorn) and he is also smuggling weapons. Choimai is in fact Chai's sister. She escapes (ขายตัวกับผู้ชาย) and takes refuge in Dong's home, another ruffian, who is also a brothel owner. Trap is put in place by Yai to capture Chai at Turkish massage place (อาบอบนวด). An electronic device is put near his brain to force him acting on any orders from Yai. Yai uses Chai to give a punchy lesson to Hong. Brothels are similar to slavery as women are chained together. The mamasan (มาม่าซัง) pretends to help Choimai but it is another trap also. She is only interested by her ring and necklace. Brought by three ruffians in a remote place, Hong luckily drives by and helps her. She is welcomed in Hong's parents home (คนสตรี). Hong decides to change his behavior and stop frequenting ruffians. Inside Yai's group, Chai takes revenge over those who kidnapped Choimai. Dong traps Hong (เพื่อนทรยศ) as he has betrayed them. Hong tries to crash him with an old French Citroën DS car. It fails but Hong is finally captured by Yai. Choimai surrenders to Yai to spare Hong's life. Vui is also kidnapped. Chai only simulated being a robot following Yai’s orders. Chai succeeds to release Vui. They enter inside Yai’s remote camp and gun fights, explosions occur between Yai’s ruffians and Chai’s friends. Ruffians are defeated. The Lepso VCD image is quite damaged and colorless. It is a recording from TV. Anyway this Thai action movie features part of the finest bunch of 1970s Thai actors. In this movie, Krung Srivilai, best Thai actor in 1974, meets Sorapong Chatree, best Thai actor in 1975. This movie was the most popular movie in 1976. In the title แมงดา means pimp.

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