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Year: 1927

Thai title: โชคสองชั้น
English title: Chok Song Chun

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie Chok Song Chun (โชคสองชั้น)(Double Luck) was released in year 1927. It is a mute movie. It is the first Thai feature film by Bangkok Pictures Company. The movie is lost in Thailand but luckily a sequence of less than one minute is still available at Thai Film Archives. The movie was 90 minutes long. Main actors are Manop Praparak, M.L. Sudjitr Issarangkul and Mongkol Sumonnat. The short sequence shows some fighting, car chasing, two men talking. The Culture Ministry registers 25 Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the 25 films heritage list announced on 04 October 2012, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day. 12130 people watched the movies through 4 days in year 1927. Full summary is as below : The main actor is a district officer in the North of Thailand. He receives order to go to Bangkok to catch a criminal hiding in the city. He stays in a noble house and meets the owner’s daughter called Wally. They fall in love. A man called Wing is also loving secretly Wally and often visits her father in order to court her. Wing is the man that the district officer needs to catch. Wing sends subordinates to hurt the district officer but his plan fails. Wing kidnaps Wally. The district officer chases Wing’s car (part of the sequence still left to be seen). Police helps to catch Wing and his ruffians also. Double chance (โชคสองชั้น) for the district officer as he catches Wing and also Wally, who becomes his wife.

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