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Year 1956


Year: 1956

Thai title: เศรษฐีอนาถา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Dokdin Kanyaman
Main actress: Sarinthip Siriwan,Prapan Narkthong

Thai movie เศรษฐีอนาถา was released in year 1956. Some Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Dokdin Kanyaman, Sarinthip Siriwan, เจิม ปั้นอำไพ, ระเบียบ อาชนโยธิน, เสถียร ธรรมเจริญ, Prapan Narkthong. Actor เจิม ปั้นอำไพ got a Thai cinema award for his performance in this movie as second role. The movie was never released in Thailand under VHS, VCD, DVD format. It is still available under a dubbed version in Thai Film Archive. It lasts 117 minutes. It is very colorful. In year 2018, it was shown in Thai theater “The Scala” in Bangkok to commemorate the 50 greatest Thai movies during Thai King Rama IX era. A sequence lasting 30 seconds is available online. It shows a father having bought a lottery ticket and winning the grand price, wedding of his daughter, the father being a drunkard.

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