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Living With Spirits - A Journey into the Heart of Thailand - Ben Davies
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Title: Living With Spirits - A Journey into the Heart of Thailand

Author: Ben Davies

Publisher: Asia Horizons Books

Isbn: 978-616-7277-02-8

Year: 2009

Language: English

Rate: 7/7

Type: Buddhism

Summary: Living With Spirits takes you on an extraordinary photographic journey into the heart of Thailand. From the remote mountains of the North where shamans make sacrifices to the rice spirits, photographer and travel writer Ben Davies criss-crosses the country in search of animist rituals and ceremonies. In Yasothon, as the heat of the dry season turns the rice paddies to dust, he observes villagers firing rockets at the clouds to remind the spirits that it is time for the annual monsoon rains. In Trang, he watches as devotees bathe in scalding oil and pierce their cheeks with swords to demonstrate the power of the gods. Over a five-year period, Ben travelled the length and breadth of the kingdom photographing astrologers, spirit mediums, tatoo masters, abbots, palm readers and even a floating nun. His magnificent selection of black-and-white images, accompanied by short incisive text, provide a unique window onto a traditional but fas changing way of life.

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