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ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 1
ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 1

Year: 1990

Thai title: ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 1
English title: Midnights shade 1

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Somsak Chaisongkram
Main actress: Darin Kornsakoon

Thai movie ตัณหาพระจันทร์ 1 was released in year 1990 and last 1h24mn. Young villager Yom is abused in her house by invisible spirit (ผีเข้า). Sing (Somsak Chaisongkram), village leader, is living with his daughter Chaba (Darin Kornsakoon). Visitors from Bangkok are coming. Villager Mek loves Chaba but this love is not reciprocal. Mek doesn't like the Bangkokian guys to be around Chaba. Sing has a weird behavior...Sing recalls a relationship (ชู้) with another woman. He killed the husband during a fight as he was being uncovered. At nighttime Sing becomes a werecat following incantations and blood pouring on corpse oil (น้ำมันพรายเสือสมิง). He visits Yom again and kills her after having made love to her. He eats her flesh. Yom's husband has become crazy. Back home, Sing vomits so his daughter is concerned about his health. She asks one of the Bangkokian doctor to check him. Sing meets uncle Yom and asks him for help but Yom refuses as Sing is responsible of what is happening (ฅามกรรม). Sing wishes to avoid his daughter Chaba becoming a werecat like him. Sing finally dies and the spirit enters Chaba's body. As Chaba starts to vomit, Mek believes she is pregnant due to Bangkokian doctor. Villagers believe deaths are due to wandering tigers. Mek kills a villager and accuse the two Bangkokian villagers (Lat) to be responsible of the deaths. Uncle Yong tries to convince people that the murders are linked to werecats (เสือสมิง). At nighttime Chaba, as werecat, kills Mek. Yong and the Bangkokian doctors help each other to chase the fearful spirit out of Chaba's body. Many Grade B Thai horror films from 1990s decade included erotic sequences and poor Fx effects. Budget was limited as business target was often Thai provinces. A second opus of this movie was released in year 1990 also.

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