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Year: 1983

Thai title: ลำพูนดำ
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Nard Poowanai,Kowit Wattanakul,Suchao Pongwilai,Pipop Pupinyo,Paen Pleumsachai,Krai Kanchit,Rith Luecha
Main actress: Apiradee Pawaputanon,Thitima Sangkapitak,Piathip Kumwong,Ampha Pusit

Thai movie ลำพูนดำ was released in year 1983. The movie is lost in Thailand but it was found in Taiwan under the name "Desconocida" in VHS format. This version was released by Taiwanese company New Ship Film Enterprise Co Ltd and lasts 1h26mn. The movie is in Mandarin language so below summary is partially inaccurate. The original movie has been cut to fit in standard TV format so making the story cutting to be awkward. A copy seems to be available in Thai Film Archives also. This movie features many famous actors / actresses during decade 1970s~1980s. Sorapong Chatree is arrested by four fake policemen led by Paen Pleumsachai. They bring him to a remote area to execute him but bullets don't enter as he is protected by a sacred amulet. Nard Poowanai, as real policeman, is also trying to catch him. The village leader and Krai Kanchit are concerned that Sorapong succeeded to escape. Two ladies (Thitima Sangkapitak and Piathip Kumwong) are visiting the village leader. Thitima is the village leader's mistress and Piathip is seduced by Krai. Thai police is still looking after Sorapong. Sorapong kills three ruffians. Ruffians kidnap a young lady. Kowit Wattanakul meets Ampha Pusit. Pipop Pupinyo is looking for troubles with Kowit but gets beaten. Krai is then jealous that Kowit is close to Ampha Pusit. Suchao Pongwilai is hired by the village leader to get rid of Sorapong. A pact is agreed between Sorapong, Kowit and Rith Luecha. Meanwhile Suchao kills a mother and a daughter as they refused to disclose where Sorapong is hidden. Thitima is having an affair with Suchao. But Thitima claims to the village leader that she has been raped by him so that Suchao cannot harm Sorapong anymore. Malee (Apiradee Pawaputanon) is the daughter of the village leader. Thitima loves secretly Sorapong. The movie ends up tragically. Sorapong wishes to get revenge on the village leader but police surrounds him. Thitima protects Sorapong one more time by shooting the village leader but this latter shoots her before dying. Sorapong listens to Malee and surrenders peacefully to the police. A sequel released in year 1988 was called ลำพูนแดง.

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